SO Vearse Farm is a done deal. As car chaos ensues in the town once the properties start to fill and medical centre appointments will be for sale on Ebay, no doubt at huge prices due to unquenchable demand, there is one point I would dearly love to have clarified.

What is “low cost housing”? 

Low cost to whom? There was another unwanted development adjacent to West Bay a few years ago and it was rumoured (allegedly) that after the site was started the developer went back to the council cap in hand saying the “low cost “ fraction of the entire site was unviable and unbelievably West Dorset District Council allowed it to be removed. How is “low cost” calculated and who by ?

My education is obviously sadly lacking in matters of modern finance as current statistics indicate house prices here are well above the national average yet wages are well below the same criteria. Maybe Lottery winners in the area are above average?

Ronald Brown
Maple Gardens