A DEVASTATED pet owner is pleading with the public to help find her missing tortoise. 

Lynn Routledge, of St Katherine’s Avenue in Bridport, was upset to learn that Rambo, a 60-year-old tortoise, had escaped from a pen in her garden. 

Rambo originally belonged to Lynn’s mother, Jean, but Lynn stepped in to take care of him when she was diagnosed with dementia in 2002. 

Lynn says she is especially concerned about Rambo’s welfare in the lead-up to Bonfire Night, fearing the tortoise will try to find somewhere safe and warm to hibernate. 

Lynn said: “He could be anywhere. They’re actually very quick when they get going. 

He could be as far as two or three miles away by now. 

“He stopped eating about two or three weeks ago so I left him in his pen. I assumed he was ready for hibernation so I put him in his box. 

“I’ve been away since then, but as it was frosty the other night, I went to check and thought he’d be underneath all of his straw but he was gone. 

“I’m worried because there are foxes and badgers which could prey on him and we’ve also got Bonfire Night coming up. 

“He’s going to want go get nice and cozy somewhere. 

“I’m really upset and I feel so guilty, but I just want to find him and bring him home. I hope he hasn’t been stolen.”

Lynn has been caring for Rambo since her mum became ill and says she has been left devastated by his disappearance. 

“My mum has always had tortoises,” said Lynn. “I‘ve taken Rambo to the care home to see mum in the garden before. 

“I would really like to get him back. 

“The grandchildren absolutely love him - originally he was called Poppy as we thought he was a girl – and he’s very, very clever. He could be anywhere now.”

Lynn is urging people to contact the Bridport News should they find the missing tortoise.