PEOPLE in Lyme Regis are being urged to don Roundhead helmets or Cavalier capes and turn the clock back to the Civil War.

The Regatta and Carnival Committee is looking for residents to join in the parade for the Siege of Lyme day on June 16.

They say they will even provide participants with an appropriate costume for the commemorations – which will also include demonstrations and a thanksgiving supper.

The annual event is held to mark the lifting of the siege of Lyme.

Town crier Alan Vian said: “Help re-enact one of Lyme’s proudest moments.

“On April 20 in 1644, Prince Maurice approached Lyme with a force of 6,000 men intent on subduing the townsfolk, who were firmly supporting the Parliamentary Cause.

“A siege of the town ensued lasting until June 15, the longest in the English Civil War.”

“The people of Lyme, under the leadership of Lieutenant-Colonel Robert <&bh"">Blake<&eh>, and inspired by local preachers worked together to resist everything the enemy threw at them.

“Even the fire arrows and red-hot cannon balls aimed at their houses.

“For six weeks they worked and fought together.

“They had an iron resolve – nothing was going to take away their town from them.”

He added: “Parliament declared that June 16 should be celebrated in Lyme to recognise this loyalty and heroism.”

The Lyme Regis Regatta and Carnival Committee has revived the celebration and has organised a day of activities on the seafront.

It will be led by the Taunton Garrison re-enactment group.

The day will start with the parade, led by the Taunton Garrison, from the Baptist Church to The Shelters on Saturday, June 16, starting at 11am.

On reaching the Shelters, prayers will be said and Mayor Sally Holman will give an address.

During the rest of the day there will be demonstrations by the Taunton Garrison in the Shelters and it will finish with the Thanksgiving supper in the Pilot Boat from 5pm.

Mr Vian said that the regatta and carnival committee was looking for people to join in the parade.

Contact Mr Vian on 01297 442220 for more details.