THE family of James Thorner has paid tribute to to friends, family and the community for their support since their 16-year-old son died in a tragedy last September.

James’s dad Clive and wife Samantha, of Burton Bradstock, also wanted to end rumours that James took his own life because he was being bullied.

Their comments came after an inquest into James’s death found that he took his own life when he went over Burton Cliff at Burton Bradstock.

Mr Thorner, who runs CT Motorcycles in Bridport, said they really wanted all James’ friends to know that no-one was to blame for his death.

He said: “These sort of Chinese whispers don’t serve anyone, I don’t want any of his friends thinking it might be something they said.

“He loved them all. It is not their fault. My wife was upset when she saw the rumours on the internet.

“It wasn’t true. James never came home from school upset about anything.”

Mr Thorner said the truth was that Beaminster sixth former James suffered from depression – and he called for more help and awareness to help similar people.

“James suffered from depression for a number of years, that was the problem. There was nothing anyone could do. The school, the social services, the doctors all did their best for him.

“We are not looking to blame anyone, there is no-one to blame.”

He said the police even investigated the allegations and found nothing to suggest that was the cause of James’s suicide.

Despite his depression, James’ death came as a terrible shock to his parents and they have paid tribute to everyone for their support.

Mr Thorner said: “We really want to thank everybody – friends, the local community, customers of mine, they have been diamonds.”

Since James’ death the couple and the extended family are keen to support the charity Young Minds. James’s cousin Sami Smith is doing a skydive to raise money and awareness. Mr Thorner added: “James just got to a point when he just couldn’t cope with whatever it was.

“He had self-esteem problems at times because he was in the learning base but unusually he was very bright in certain aspects and was in the top set for English for instance.”

Although Mr Thorner cannot bring himself to read the note James left it made it clear what he intended.

Mr Thorner said: “ This was no cry for help, he meant to do it.

“I wish to God he’d never done it but I have heard in the past someone say what a cowardly thing to do but you try walking up Burton cliff, I have been up there. It takes guts to do what he did.

“He walked back to the fence, ran flat out and dived and cleared the cliff enough for the man on the beach to see him. He wasn’t trying to show off, he was absolutely determined. Ninety per cent of the time he was the happiest lad you could meet, the wittiest, the funniest, with a hell of a sense of humour.

“He was a charming lad, very polite, I am very proud of him in that way.

Coroner expresses his sympathy

AN INQUEST found that James Thorner he took his own life.

James, 16, of Lower Townsend, was found underneath cliffs between Hive Beach and Freshwater on September 26 last year.

Dorchester Coroner’s Court was told how James’ mother, Samantha Thorner, had returned home on that day to find a note from James indicating he had gone to the cliffs.

The court heard statements from walkers Malcolm Stroudley, who found James’s body, and Sylvia Hulme who saw him jump.

Coroner Michael Johnston told James’s parents: “There is nobody in this room or who will read about this who won’t have huge sympathy for you.

“The note that James left for you is quite lovely and I am sure you will treasure that.

“I am sorry and I realise your huge efforts to support James.

“James’ death was caused by multiple injuries as a result of blunt trauma caused by jumping from Burton cliff on to the beach below.

“I therefore record a verdict that he took his own life.”