Lyme Regis police blocked an illegal rave that was set to attract hundreds of revellers after it was advertised on the internet.

The party was publicised on social networking site Facebook as a public event with camping, fireworks and live music.

Police in Lyme Regis received a tip-off about the event and discovered that various DJs were lined up to perform in a field from 8pm to 6am.

Community beat manager PC Richard Winward said: “We had no idea where it was so we made some inquiries and discovered who the organisers were.

“We discovered that it was going to happen on Saturday, November 19 in a field off the A35 at Wootton Fitzpaine.

“We realised of course that it must not go ahead because it was illegal and would have caused huge disruption to people living in the area.”

The organisers were three 19-year-old men from Lyme Regis, Umborne in Devon, and Exeter.

Officers found they had placed pallets and breeze blocks on a public footpath leading to the field, which was to be used as a makeshift stage.

The police also made enquiries with the landowner and other local landowners to check if they had permission to use the land.

“We discovered that although the organisers had asked the son of the tenant farmer for permission, they didn’t have permission from the landowner,” said PC Winward.

“We also discovered that they had no licences for entertainment or music.

“We told the organisers that they did not have permission and the rave would not take place, and if it did go ahead or if they made any more preparations they would be arrested.

“We also told them that unless they removed the pallets and breeze blocks, which legally counts as preparing for a rave and if they didn’t put a notification on Facebook that it had been cancelled, they would also be arrested.”

PC Winward said the organisers agreed to postpone the rave until they obtained the correct licences and permissions.

But some determined revellers still threatened to turn up at the field, so police were forced to blockade the area.

PC Winward said: “The organisers put a message on Facebook saying it was postponed but even after they had done that we saw there were still people saying they were going to come.

“There were up to 250 people saying they would come, even after that message.

“So we put a police car on every entrance to Wootton Fitzpaine to make sure it didn’t happen and obviously the operation was a success as the rave did not take place.

“We will not allow unlawful and unlicensed events to take place.

“We are now advising these people about what they need to do in order to get the relevant licenses.

“They have to ensure they don’t disrupt other people, do risk assessments, have toilet facilities, and insurance, things like that.”