TODAY is the day that The Hub finds out if it has won £60,000 Lottery funding.

The phone lines were hot yesterday as people voted in the Jubilee People’s Millions.

The Hub youth centre in Lyme Regis went head-to-head with Portland Gig Rowing Club on ITV Westcountry News last night, with each one trying to secure viewers’ votes.

The campaign has been building in recent weeks with a record-breaking singathon of Frère Jacques on the Cobb, YouTube videos, and appeals on social networking sites, and volunteers were out on the streets yesterday spreading the word about the vote.

If The Hub wins the money it would help develop the former Boys Club building in Church Street into a new youth centre.

The result will be on the Lyme Regis News website, Facebook page, and Twitter as soon as it is announced this afternoon.

Lyme Regis Development Trust bought the building for the community.

Chief executive Marcus Dixon said: “The Hub Jubilee People’s Millions ITV competition has been yet another innovative, high-energy project that’s captured local people’s imaginations.

“The secret of this has been the young people who have led the thinking and inspired the many older folks who have been involved and contributed to the stream of dynamic ideas that have been put into practice to good effect.”

The Woodroffe School has been heavily involved in the campaign, with sixth-form media student Lily Shorten, pictured, as the marketing team leader.

She said: “Taking part in The Hub’s bid for the Jubilee People’s Millions has been a great opportunity for me to get stuck in and involved with a project that can make a real difference to our community.

“The Hub’s bid has been an ongoing project for several months with a dedicated group of people meeting weekly to discuss how we can get the public to vote for the Hub@Lyme and evidently give the youth of Lyme Regis somewhere they can call home.”