A WAR hero is refusing to be intimidated by ‘cowardly’ yobs constantly harassing him at his Lyme Regis home.

Major Edwin Payne, 90, is not afraid to confront the gang of youths who have smashed his windows and pound on his door late at night.

The Second World War veteran has endured two months of harassment up to four times a week at his home in Sherborne Lane.

Police have condemned the behaviour. Lyme PC Richard Winward said: “This criminal behaviour is cowardly, disgusting and totally unacceptable.”

Major Payne said: “A gang of about 15 youths, men and women, come and bash on the door and windows. They broke the kitchen window first and the living room one next.

“It’s a damn nuisance. It’s around 10 o’clock and I’m usually watching television. They finish in the pub and come down here, then disappear up Mill Green.

“I’m never intimidated. I feel I want to go out and knock their heads off. I do go out sometimes but they run away. I’m not scared at all.

“I think it’s just a silly nuisance and they amuse themselves doing it.

“They don’t shout abuse but they try to scare you by making lots of noise.”

The grandfather-of-three has faced greater enemies than a gang of youths.

In an Army career spanning 40 years, he served during the Second World War in Normandy, during the Battle of Arnhem in Holland, Palestine, and Korea, and commanded a gun ammunition company at Tubruq in Libya.

“I think they are absolute cowards,” he said. “When they broke the window I went out and said ‘own up, who’s done it, come out you cowards’, but they didn’t come.

“I’m not at all afraid to face these people.

“If they want a fight, I’ll give them one.”

The war hero lives alone but his Yorkshire Terrier Jimmy warns him if there is trouble.

Major Payne said: “Jimmy always warns me if they are at the door, he is a wonderful guard dog.”

He has also praised the police, who have installed an alarm at the property.

“The alarm scares them off and tells everyone around and about to watch out,” he said.

Police have questioned three youths over the incidents and are appealing for anyone with information to contact Police on 01305 222222.