A NEW religious movement in Dorset calling itself Christian Soldiers has vowed to halt ‘evil’ pagans meeting in Bridport.

The group claims it wants to warn youngsters about the dangers of the occult.

They will be demonstrating outside The George pub when the Bridport Pagan Moot meets next month.

Spokesperson Katrina Hooper said they wanted to warn people, especially the young, of the dangers of getting involved in the occult.

She said: “To this end we aim to hold peaceful vigils outside occult events, in the hope of turning people away from the path of evil towards God’s love.”

The first protest will be on Tuesday July 5 when Anastasia Doble will be giving a talk on Earth Astrology and Colour Energy.

Adam Marlborough, who started the Bridport Pagan Moot a few months ago, said: “The Moot is a social occasion, a meeting.

“But I am sure to evangelical Christians there is something wrong, it is just magic to them.

“I have seen one of their leaflets in the past saying how dangerous it is.”

He added: “If they want to hold a vigil that is fine.

“I don’t know about what we do being evil, I suppose to them it is but as long as they don’t cause any trouble I don’t think I am too worried.”

Mr Marlborough said there were different strands of paganism.

“Some are very harmless and into stuff like respect for the earth and worshipping different deities.

“But most pagans I know don’t recognise Satan because they don’t believe in God.

“Some people are interested in the occult, including myself, but it just means ‘unknown knowledge’.

“We are not sacrificing any goats.”

Ms Doble said that her talk was about colour energies and earth astrology based on the beliefs of such people as Native Americans.

She said she believed in a holistic approach through nature, bringing people together for good.

It was very sad that the Christians were against the talk and that she would welcome anyone’s questions, she said.

“There is still an element working on the patriachal side of society and still wanting to be in charge.”

She added: “They must be very unhappy deep down.

“A lot of it is fear, the way they have been brought up.”

The demonstration comes after a psychic fair at the Electric Palace in April 2009 when police had to be called after a Christian group disrupted the event branding it ‘the Devil’s work’.

Organiser Susan Outhwaite was forced to call for police help after she said that the street protestors’ behaviour became intimidating.

Inside, at least three more members of the town’s Christian Fellowship held a religious demonstration, warning of the perils of the darker side, with some praying at the back of the auditorium.

The pagan moot starts at 7.45pm at The George on July 5.