RESIDENTS of a Lyme Regis street had an unexpected and rather unusual early morning visitor.

More common to countries such as Australia and New Zealand, a wallaby happily jumped around and grazed in a garden in Blue Waters Drive.

Resident Jan Cooper was astonished to see the creature while sitting down for her morning coffee on Tuesday.

Mrs Cooper rushed to tell her husband Robin and neighbours Graham and Wendy Davies, but made sure she took some photographs in case they didn’t believe her.

She said: “I was sitting down having a coffee and looked out into my garden and saw a most beautiful fox. I texted my husband to tell him and the next minute I looked out there was this wallaby/kangaroo.

“I texted him and said ‘you’ll never guess what, there’s a kangaroo in the garden as well’. He didn’t believe me, and why would he?

“I went next door and said ‘there’s a kangaroo in my garden’.”

Mr and Mrs Davies thought it was a joke when Mrs Cooper rang their doorbell.

Mrs Davies said: “We didn’t believe her because we just got back from being on holiday with a boat load of Australians.

“It was very happy jumping around and grazing.

“We didn’t have anything big enough to catch it with, so we were trying to get it into a cellar that leads from the garden.”

The RSPCA was also contacted, but the wallaby, which was about three feet tall when upright, disappeared soon after.

Mrs Cooper said: “It was quite amazing, I just wish my husband had been here to see it.”