LIBRARY campaigners were boosted following a lively public meeting with Oliver Letwin.

The West Dorset MP met with the Friends of Charmouth Library and other concerned residents at the Saturday morning meeting in St Andrew’s Community Hall.

The villagers were keen to hear how Mr Letwin could influence the matter in Parliament and to discuss with him solutions to retain a book lending service if Dorset County Council goes ahead with plans to withdraw funding.

County councillor David Crowhurst, chairman of the Policy Development Panel, which is working on the review of libraries, also attended.

Hazel Robinson, acting chairman of the Friends of Charmouth Library, said: “What we were delightedly surprised to hear was that Oliver Letwin said he agreed that no libraries should be shut down and he thought that far more imaginative solutions should be sought.

“He emphasised that the budgetary cuts had still to be made but he could see several different options for being able to do that, even though most of them would require some volunteers and that some income producing activities would probably need to be undertaken.

“That was exactly what our point had been all along.”

The Friends are planning on holding a Sign up for Spring campaign to get more people into the library, and more events besides.