West Dorset 's new MP, Edward Morello, says he's ready to start "getting things done" after being sworn in as MP.

Mr Morello was elected as the MP after receiving 26,999 votes, beating former MP Chris Loder of the Conservatives who received 19,210.

After his election victory in the early hours of Friday morning, Mr Morello visited village fetes in Cattistock and Frampton and attended Sherborne Pride.

On Sunday, he travelled up to Westminster for the first time and was formally sworn in as an MP on Tuesday afternoon. 

Edward Morello MP said: "I came up to Westminster on Sunday night.

Edward Morello MP in the Houses of ParliamentEdward Morello MP in the Houses of Parliament (Image: Edward Morello)

"There were a lot of procedural things like electing the speaker and being sworn in as an MP.

"It was exciting to sit in the chamber and I did my oath of allegiance.

"There is a huge new branch of Lib Dems so I am not the only one and there are so many new faces in parliament, lots of people are finding their way around, it is like a maze.

"The reason why we are here, though, is to get things done.

"What is really urgent is getting our offices set up and hiring staff because that is how we are able to help our constituents.

"So when they email us, as people should do with their elected representative, there are people who are able to help.

"I have a very full inbox and I am aware there are a lot of people with very pressing issues, that are far more important than anything in Westminster."

Following his win, Mr Morello announced his plans to improve healthcare in the area and tackle the cost-of-living crisis.

He said: “The voters of West Dorset have responded. On Monday I will be in Westminster, starting the hard work and getting a fair deal for West Dorset such as cleaning up resident beaches, tackling the cost-of-living crisis, repairing the NHS.

“There’s an awful lot to be done and thankfully we’ve got more Lib Dems in parliament who can work together to improve the lives of people in West Dorset."

Next week he will sit be in Westminster for the King's Speech and his maiden speech in the House of Commons.