TWO Bridport premises are being considered for a drinks licence – the Bridport Dagger in East Street, a former bank, and the other for a premises on the St Michael’s trading estate.

The Bridport Dagger application asks for a premises licence for a café/bar with live music, a pool table and darts board, open daily until 2.30am and up to 4.30am on Bank Holidays, with outside tables until 10pm.

The other application, for Rafters at Megabites, comes from Donians Ltd for 46 St Michaels Trading Estate, opening up to 11pm.

It describes the premises as: “a versatile dining venue located on a trading estate, ensuring minimal disruption to residential areas. The premises can accommodate approximately 50 patrons, with seating available both inside and outside. The internal area, excluding the kitchen, measures approximately 7 metres by 6 metres… The décor is modern and inviting, with ambient lighting that enhances the dining experience. The walls are adorned with tasteful artwork and decorations, contributing to a warm and welcoming atmosphere.”

It says the outside seating area, measuring approximately 14 metres by 7 metres, is furnished with sturdy outdoor tables and chairs, arranged to provide “ample space for movement and social interaction.”