Children at Bridport Primary School have been taking part in a national pilot scheme to help them think about different career paths.

The project, called “Start Small; Dream Big”, puts career-related learning at the heart of the curriculum, in an attempt to help children overcome limiting stereotypes based on gender, ethnicity or social background.

Through encounters with employers, the programme aims to:

• broaden children’s horizons by meeting employer role models

 • increase awareness of the jobs available

• raise aspirations and challenge stereotypes.

Throughout the year, pupils at Bridport Primary, part of Initio Learning Trust, have been introduced to a wide range of careers and skills, so that they can have high aspirations and expectations of themselves and think about future employment they can be passionate about.

The school’s careers-related learning culminated in an event on Wednesday,  July 3, where speakers from various different professions came to speak to pupils children Years 4, 5 and 6.

In total, eleven different careers were covered, with the children hearing talk from: a herbalist, an IT specialist for the Civil Service, a counsellor, an actor, a musician/videographer, an anaesthetist, a gardener, an artist specialising in screen printing, a biomedical scientist and a transport/tourism lecturer.

Each year group got to hear a range of speakers over the course of the morning, with an assembly to introduce and an assembly to finish the event.

The children thoroughly enjoyed the morning

. “She made art out of clothes and that was cool,” said one child.

"I hadn't considered working with science as a career before, but I am interested in biomedical science now,” said another.

"One of the most interesting things I discovered today was the amount of troubles and challenges people may experience, but there are a number of different therapists that can help," added one Bridport pupil.

“I liked hearing about what Tom got paid for in his jobs as a musician," said another.

One pupil said: "I found it interesting when the actor, Tash, shared with us that so much rehearsal time was needed before a theatre production goes live. It can take months of rehearsals but for television you might only get an hour."

"Mrs Deuxberry's job was fascinating to hear about. Her art is really cool and there are lots of steps to screen-printing plus you can print it on wood, t-shirts etc. anything that would absorb the ink," another added.

"I liked hearing from Fiona, as a herbalist isn't a job you often hear about and it is not very common. I found it very interesting."

The speakers were impressed with the pupils at Bridport Primary, saying they engaged with the talks very positively.

“It’s such an important topic for children at this age - it was a pleasure to be part of,” said one of the speakers.

Another added: “The groups were a delight to talk to. They were engaged and interested.”

“We felt really appreciated. They asked great questions!” said another.

Michaela Kite, Headteacher of Bridport Primary School, said: “We had a fantastic morning at our careers fair.

“Our speakers were so engaging and we appreciated them giving up their time to come and talk to our children.

“It is such a valuable opportunity to learn about different careers and choices. Thank you to our speakers and to Miss Baines for organising such a great experience.”