Here are all the General Election results declared so far in Dorset.


South Dorset Results

Labour's Lloyd Hatton has taken the seat from incumbent Conservative Richard Drax.

The votes in full for South Dorset: 

Lloyd Hatton, Labour: 15,659

Richard Drax, Conservative: 14,611

Morgan Young, Reform: 8,168

Matt Bell, Liberal Democrats: 8,017

Catherine Bennett, Green: 2,153

Joy Wilson, Independent: 192

Giovanna Lewis, Independent:: 185

Rosie Morrell, Everyone is God: 52

West Dorset Results

Lib Dem Edward Morello has won West Dorset from Tory Chris Loder.

The results in full: 

Edward Morello, Liberal Democrats: 26,999

Chris Loder, Conservatives: 19,210

Donna Lumsden, Labour: 3,086

Kelvin Clayton, Green: 2,288

Oliver Chisholm, Independent: 733

Marcus White, Everyone Is God party: 289

North Dorset Results

Simon Hoare has retained his seat in North Dorset for the Conservatives.

Simon Hoare - Conservative: 18,208

Gary Jackson - Liberal Democrat: 16,619

Ash Leaning - Reform UK: 7,894

James Coldwell - Labour: 4,370

Ken Huggins - Green: 2,082

Si Adams - Independent: 317

Jeff Taylor - UKIP: 119

Daniel Woodruffe - Social Democratic Party: 74

Mid Dorset and North Poole

BCP Council leader has taken the seat from Government Minister Michael Tomlinson

Vikki Slade, Liberal Democrat: 21,442

Michael Tomlinson, Conservative: 20,090

Candice Johnson-Cole, Labour: 4,566

Ben Pantling, Green Party: 2,355

John Dowling, Social Democratic Party: 1,061 


 Bournemouth West 

Labour has taken Bournemouth West

Jessica Jade Toale - Labour 14,365 

Conor Burns - Conservative 11,141 

Ben Aston - Reform 6,647 

Jeff Hanna Liberal Democrat 4311 

Darren Jones Green 2614 


Conservative Christopher Chope has retained his seat

 Christopher Chope, Conservative, 16,941

Mike Cox, Liberal Democrat 9,486

Robin Adamson Reform 8,961

Joanna Howard, Labour 7,762

Susan Graham, Green 1,900

Simon McCormack, Independent 1,728 

Sasha Yasawi (AW) 335

Steve Unwin (UKIP) 163

Trevor Parsons (SDP) 59 


Bournemouth East:

Tom Hayes has taken the seat from incumbent Tory Tobias Ellwood

Tom Hayes, Labour 18,316 

Tobias Ellwood, Conservative 12,837

Martin James Houlden, Reform 6,268

Jon Martin Nicholas, Liberal Democrat, 3,082

Joe Angus Salmon, Green 2,790

Kieron Wilson, Independent 1,529

Miles Penn, SDP 88


THERE will be a full recount of votes in Poole as just six votes separate the leading two candidates. 

Conservative candidate Sir Robert Syms and Labour Party candidate Neil Duncan-Jordan were only separated by a tiny margin after a first count.