A campaign has been launched by Dorset Police to preventing domestic abuse during the upcoming Euros tournament. 

The National Centre for Domestic Violence indicates that reports of domestic abuse increase during the football tournaments.

Dorset Police has been working with licensed premises, support services and local authorities, to help keep the public safe during the upcoming Euro 2024 Football Tournament.

Officers are asking people to be aware of their behaviour and mood when watching the football and warn them that there are consequences if they use or threaten violence.

Gavin Dudfield, chief superintendent of Dorset Police, said: “Emotions do run high during sporting events such as the Euros. The majority of football fans are able enjoy the tournament without issue; however, a small minority of fans do commit criminal offences.

“Our response to any report of domestic abuse will be proactive and robust. We are committed to supporting and protecting victims at all times, not just during sporting events. During the tournament we will have additional resources on duty to support our communities.

“Help is available to both victims and perpetrators of domestic abuse, and we encourage anyone involved to seek help.

“Our goal is to make sure that the Euro 2024 tournament is safe and enjoyable for everyone.”

In 2023, Home Office data shows 8,468 domestic abuse related crimes were recorded by Dorset Police in the year.

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The police are urging people who are worried their partner may be abusive to use Clare’s Law, the Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme which enables a person to check the past of a partner or ex-partner to see whether they have a history of abuse.

Dorset Police and Crime Commissioner David Sidwick added: “There is never an excuse for domestic abuse of any kind.

“While there is no one to blame for these despicable offences but the perpetrators themselves, I ask everyone to help the police and play their part by remaining alert and reporting anything suspicious.

“Domestic abuse is a devastating crime, and I would urge victims to seek help or support. Together, we can all help to protect victims and reduce these incidents, not just during this tournament, but all year round.”

If you are a victim of domestic abuse you can find more help and guidance on the Dorset Police website: Dorset.police.uk/Abuse-help for support and guidance.