An abstract art group will be exhibiting some of its work about Lyme Regis’ past later this month.

The Lyme Abstract Art Group will be showcasing its work in the Rotunda Gallery at the Lyme Regis Museum from Saturday, May 25 until Saturday, July 20 - entitled Abstracting Lyme’s Past.

The group formed in 2022 and is a collection of enthusiastic artists who create artwork both individually and collaboratively.

All members of the group live within the Lyme Regis area, and when approached to create an exhibition for the museum, they embarked on a fact-finding, creative quest, for inspiration from the museum itself.

The group’s leader, Sue Hodgetts, said: “Working from sketches and photographs that inspire each member of the group, the journey from fledgling idea through to finished painting is one exploration, discussion, experimentation and sheer determination.

“Using sketchbooks to investigate mark-making and shaped, as well as colour mixing and writing, everyone has developed their own work in a totally unique way, making the creative process an essential part of the development of their own individual style.

“This is what gives this particular exhibition the flavour of a traditional contemporary gallery – every piece is so very different from the next.”

The artists in the group that will also be featuring at the exhibition are Bob Andrews, Jayne Avery, Patricia Baybutt, Anna Bonavia, Claire Colliard, Kath Gigg, Beverley Glock, jenny Waldron and Sue Hodgetts.

The exhibition will be open from Tuesday to Saturday 10am until 5pm and on Sundays from 10am until 4pm.

For more information visit www.lymeregis