Another rockfall has happened on Charmouth Beach this morning, with visitors being urged to take care.

Members of the Charmouth Heritage Centre discovered the rockfall on their way into work this morning and say that the cliff face remains 'very dangerous'.

Anyone visiting the beach today is being told to take care as there are still bits of of rock falling from the cliff.

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Phil Davidson, Charmouth Heritage Centre palaeontologist, said:  “When we arrived we saw the aftermath.

"It came down about 7.30am this morning and bits are still falling - it's very dangerous - stay well away from the exposed cliff line.

"All the rain we have had this winter and spring is seeping through the mud and clay,  we will probably end up with some more landslides.

"As it’s a fresh fall it will be sticky if you try and climb over it, and you could twist and an ankle and get stuck.

"People should also check the tides as there is a danger of getting cut off from the tide.

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"In some ways, we are lucky it happened at 7.30am in the morning, when no one was on the beach, and not yesterday when the beach was packed.

"We have had the coastguard down this morning to take a look at it and the Jurassic Coast Fossil Warden is here to give people warnings."

Bridport and Lyme Regis News: Firefighters recue a young man who had become stuck on the cliff at Charmouth beachFirefighters recue a young man who had become stuck on the cliff at Charmouth beach (Image: Dorset and Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service)

This latest rockfall comes just two days after a young man was rescued from the cliff face at the beach, which was 'very close' to where this morning's incident happened.

Mr Davidson added: "It was very close, it would be really tempting to do a before an after photo of where they were two days ago, it was just a little further along another 40 or 50 feet."

At around 5pm on Friday, April 12, fire crews and coastguard teams were called to rescue the young man who had become stuck high up on the cliff, and thanks to their efforts he was safely reunited with his family. 

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However, the rockfall that happened this morning just goes to show how dangerous climbing the cliffs can be. 

Anna Woolcott, the heritage centre's education warden, was at the centre when they were alerted to the cliff rescue on Friday.

She said: “They were very high up and climbing up the shale, which is very loose, especially after all the rain we have had,  the cliffs are more likely to collapse.

“We would never advise anyone to climb them, this whole coastline is really dangerous.

"It is a real testament to the fire services and coastguard, as without their support, the rescue could have ended differently. 

“We would advise people to look for fossils on the shingle, away from the cliffs, as this is where 90 per cent of the fossils are found.

“If anyone wants advice on fossil hunting and the safest places to find them and what to look for, they can come to the heritage centre as we are open every day and can give advice.”