Traders in Lyme Regis are doing their part to help reduce the use of plastic bags in the town as the latest shop joins the initiative. 

The Boomerang Bag scheme is now in its fourth year in the town and is part of the Plastic Free Lyme Regis campaign.

Some 1,500 bags have been made and distributed to local shops and B&Bs, which were inspired by the Australian project. The Lyme scheme is one of hundreds of groups around the world.

Items such as old curtains or unwanted materials are donated and saved from landfill with the team at the Turn Lyme Green's Recycle Sewing Group then making the popular reusable carrier bags as a sustainable alternative to plastic bags.

Bridport and Lyme Regis News: Primary Colour's colourful Boomerang BagsPrimary Colour's colourful Boomerang Bags (Image: Turn Lyme Green)

Each bag is handmade and they are all unique, carrying the ‘Boomerang Bag Lyme Regis’ patch and participating outlets display a poster with the Boomerang Bags logo in their stores.

Paper Bird in Coombe Street is the latest shop to join the scheme, and the store's owner, Rebecca De Voisey is pleased to have signed up.

She said: “ This is a great idea. I look forward to lending the bags and encouraging my customers to return them.”

Shops have been reporting that some bags are being returned, with a recent visitor returning a bag they had borrowed from Lyme Time Travellers when they were in the town a year ago.

Bridport and Lyme Regis News: Pug and Puffin have dog themed Boomerang Bags Pug and Puffin have dog themed Boomerang Bags (Image: Turn Lyme Green)

Liz Davis, coordinator for the scheme in Lyme, said: “The Boomerang Bag scheme involves great team-work.

"Thanks to the brilliant sewing team who work away so happily and productively once a week, Flora who prints the labels, Ginger Beer which sells Big Bags to raise funds for Turn Lyme Green, everyone who donates fabric, all the shops and organisations that distribute the bags and the customers who return them. “

When possible, themed bags are also made matching the fabric design to the shops who are part of the project. 

Primary Colours and the Library now have bright and cheerful bags to catch children’s attention and Pug and Puffin have bags with a doggie theme.

Customers are encouraged to continue to use them or return them to the shops in Lyme Regis which will be delighted to receive them.

The sewing group also creates draught excluders and hot water bottle covers are made to help keep people warm. They are distributed at the Seaside Store, the Foodbank, the Welcome Café and by Lyme Regis Energy Champions.