A woman who had planted a row of flowers in her front garden to add some colour to her street was left shocked after some of the flowers were stolen.

Tierney Thomas, 26, is a dog walker who lives on Allington Mead in Bridport with her partner.

After moving to their home nearly two years ago they decided to brighten up their front garden by planting some flowers on their front wall.

However, on Sunday morning (April 7), she noticed that some of her flowers had been stolen.

She said: "We have a fence at the end of our garden and we thought it would be nice to add some flowers at the front, facing the road.

"We planted them a few weeks ago and they had just started to flower.

"I had been out walking the dogs and at around 8am on Sunday I noticed that the flowers in one of the pots had been stolen.

"The pot contained a mix of perennials, we had five pots in total and four of them had been stolen.

"We can't see the flowers from our house, we had put them on the street to add colour and try to brighten up the road."

Miss Thomas said that the theft of the flowers left her feeling "unsafe" in her own home.

"It never occurred to us that someone would steal them, it is quite upsetting.

"It felt personal, even if it was probably someone randomly taking a chance.

"It has made me feel a bit unsafe, someone is happy to just take our property.

"We have now moved them to our side of the fence, which is nice because I can see them now but it is sad that we have had to do that.

"It is such a shame, it is a lovely quiet road that we live on and you wouldn't expect something like this to happen here."

The theft was reported to Dorset Police, but they were unable to give details about the incident.