THE owner of two lambs which were stolen from a farm just outside of Bridport said she  cried tears of joy when she heard police had found them.

Amy Wright, who keeps sheep on a small farm on the outskirts of the town, said stress caused by the crime had affected her health but hearing the call that they had been found brought her to tears.

The two young lambs, Elton and Ellie, were stolen after a fence was broken through sometime between 4.30am and 7am on Tuesday, March 26.

Following enquiries by Dorset Rural Crime Team, the lambs were recovered in rural Bridport.

A man was arrested on suspicion of theft and released on police bail while enquiries continue and a vehicle was seized.

Miss Wright keeps a small herd of sheep as a hobby to teach her two daughters about the animals and to share her love of owning the animals.

Three-week-old Elton and two-week-old Ellie are blue texels and both are one half of two pairs of twins from two ewes.

She said: "I have been poorly over the last couple of days, after everything this past week the stress has taken its toll on my health, when I got the call to say they’ve been found I burst into tears.

"When the police arrived with them they asked 'We just need you to clarify these are definitely your lambs'.

Bridport and Lyme Regis News: The stolen lambs are three-week-old Elton (left) and two-week-old Ellie (right) with owner Amy WrightThe stolen lambs are three-week-old Elton (left) and two-week-old Ellie (right) with owner Amy Wright (Image: Amy Wright)

"I opened the door and Elton was curled up. No doubt about it, he was mine, and Ellie stood up and bleated at me. I put both hands around her face and gave her a kiss. 

"Again, I welled up, I didn’t think I’d see them again.

"They went back in the farm and their brothers were both so happy to see them it was adorable.

"My older daughter burst into tears, after the officers left she went out to the field to sit with them on her own and she had some time to herself to let her emotions out.

"My younger daughter has very much enjoyed having her lamb at home to feed bottles to, telling everybody “my Ellie”, it is so cute."

Miss Wright thanked the community who rallied around her for their support and gave a special thanks to PC Haggett and PC Schofield from the Rural Crime Team.

She added: "Everybody has been so supportive, I didn’t think I’d get my babies back but everybody has kept me in high spirits and believed we would find them.

"The rural crime team have been amazing, PC Haggett and PC Schofield have been wonderful support they’ve gone above and beyond I’m so grateful to them."

A spokesperson for Dorset Police Rural Crime Team said: "Both lambs have been returned to their grateful owner, with new security measures in place to prevent any future thefts."