A person was rescued from a vehicle that got stuck in flood water in a west Dorset village.

The occupant of the vehicle was brought to safety by fire crews from Charmouth Fire Station and Bridport Fire Station after becoming stuck in flood water on Gassons Lane, Whitchurch Canonicorum.

Crews were alerted at 8.16pm on the evening of Tuesday, April 2 and were supported by a technical rescue team from Weymouth Fire Station.

The vehicle was reached by the water wading team with a raft. 

Charmouth Fire Station has warned motorists not to drive through flood water and find alternative routes in the area.

A spokesperson from Charmouth Fire Station said: "Please, do not attempt to drive through flood water. Even if you think that your car can cope with water, think again. We've rescued many drivers of Land Rovers and other 4x4s out of floods.

"You cannot see what is under the water, or how fast flowing it is. It doesn't take much of a flow to pick up and move a two ton car or 4x4.

"Find an alternative route, or question whether your journey is necessary."