HEAVY recent rain may add to dredging costs at local harbours - due to the build up of extra silt.

Significant amounts of silt, beyond the ‘normal’ winter amounts, are said to be having an effect on harbour water levels at West Bay with the storm gates into the harbour having been open longer than normal to cope with flows from the river.

At Weymouth there has also been a build up, to a lesser extent, as mud-laden water from the River Wey and Radipole lake makes its way to the sea.

Harbourmaster at Weymouth Ed Carter says that the levels will continue to be monitored but, for the moment, key area of the harbour remain with adequate water depths, although he says that targeted dredging might be needed in some areas later in the year.

At West Bay and Lyme Regis the annual dredging has now been completed.

Harbourmaster James Radcliff says the West Bay situation will continue to be monitored, but might need some intervention if natural process of scouring do not remove the larger than normal levels of silt build-up.