LARGER rubbish bins are to be installed at West Bay after ongoing concerns about rubbish in the area.

Complaints have been made since last year about the inadequacy of Dorset Council provided litter bins around the harbour, beach and Fisherman’s Green, with rubbish spilling out onto surrounding areas.

The council has now agreed to provide larger 1,100 litre bins for the 2024 tourist season - although the new bins will not be equipped for recycling.

The Dorset Council harbours consultative committee heard that visitors to all resort areas seemed to be unable to cope with putting their litter in the right container – even when they were provided.

The result was that collections ended up being ‘contaminated’ with material which was not supposed to be there with the rubbish having to be dumped in landfill as hand-sorting to pick out what was capable of being recycled was too expensive.

West Bay harbour consultative representative Gavin Brooking said it was “a bit sad” that recycling would not be taking place, but welcomed the large bins which he said would help keep the area tidier.