A person was trapped after a two-vehicle crash today.

Crews from Charmouth and Axminster Fire Stations were called to the two-vehicle crash on The Trafalgar Way in Axminster at 11.57am.

One person was trapped in their vehicle which was still on the road. Crews stabilised the vehicle whilst providing care before the casualty could be removed from the vehicle and put into the care of an ambulance.

A spokesperson for Axminster Fire Station said: "Fire control received a call from the police reporting a two-vehicle road traffic collision on Trafalgar Way, Axminster.

"Control immediately mobilised Axminster and Charmouth Fire Station alongside a supporting officer.

"Once in attendance, crews confirmed a two-vehicle road traffic collision with one person still within a vehicle on the carriageway, the second vehicle was in a field adjacent to the road, and the occupant of the second vehicle was clear.

"Crews got to work stabilising the vehicle with the casualty within, whilst assessing their injuries and providing casualty care.

"Once the ambulance got in attendance, crews assisted them in removing the casualty from the vehicle.

"Once the casualty was removed crews made the vehicle and scene safe."

The scene was then handed over to the police to carry out investigative work.