The heavy rain and high winds has forced a popular food and drink festival to cancel.

Abbotsbury Subtropical Gardens has cancelled its food fair that was scheduled to run from 10am until 3pm on Saturday, March 30. 

The event, which is put on in partnership with Dorset Food and Drink, was set to host around 30 local food and drink vendors.

However, due to the car park and overflow field car park being deemed ' not usable' for the stalls the fair will no longer take place. 

A spokesperson for Abbotsbury Subtropical said: "Sadly after Storm Nelson yesterday the car park and overflow field car park is not usable for the stalls and amount of visitors to the food fair.

"It is very disappointing for us and Dorset Food and Drink all advance tickets will be refund. Thank you for your understanding.

"We will attempt to remove road signs today."

A spokesperson for Dorset Food and Drink said: " We understand the disappointment this news may bring, especially after all the hard work and dedication our amazing producers and artisans have put into preparing this event.

"Please know we share your disappointment and are truly sorry our first event of the season will not go ahead as planned.

"We extend out heartfelt gratitude for your understanding and patience during this challenging time."

Some stalls will be able to set up at the Poundbury Easter Market on Sunday, March 31 as an offer has been made to those stalls that are not already at the event to squeeze in, dependant on space. 

A rescheduled event is also being looked into.

Dorset Food and Drink added: " A special thank you to our amazing colleague Charlotte from Poundbury easter Market for generously offering to help accommodate some of our stallholders at her market on Sunday where she can. 

"We are exploring options to reschedule the food fair and will keep you informed of any updates as they arise.

"Let's stay connected and keep the spirit and flag flying for incredible local food and drink, and the artisans and local businesses who bake, brew, farm, grow, make, distil and fish in this incredible county of Dorset."