AS WE know, this area of Dorset is renowned for its extinct fossils.

Another entity almost on the edge of extinction is the rural bus.

The only buses I see around here have NOT IN SERVICE displayed on their frontage.

There are so few buses around here now that I have set my grandchildren a task where they score points when they eventually see one.

This must be one of the worst counties for rural bus services in the country. Yet we pay huge amounts of council tax to Dorset Council so why are they not investing in bus services?

They have an environmental scheme, to reach Net Zero in a few years time. But the severe lack of public transport forces us to use our car, or if one is able, bikes.

Please though, don’t go for electric buses, as there have been several instances of these exploding. Let’s try biofuels instead. Or used oil from the chippie.

If we’re not careful, we will soon witness a film crew with whispering David Attenborough in hushed tones lamenting the demise of the West Dorset bus.

Lawrence Moore