People are calling for hooligan boy racers to stop blighting West Bay as frustration grows over the issue.

A West Bay resident fears ‘someone could be killed’ by speeding motorists who have been seen gathering in the resort in the evenings.

He says he has noticed the same group of around 10 to 15 cars frequently ‘roaring around’ the area of West Bay Road, the Esplanade and car parks.

The man, who does not wish to be named for fear of reprisal, said: “I reported them to the police because I witnessed a near accident in which the car had to take action to avoid being hit.

“Something needs to be done because someone is going to be killed. I have even seen one car on the pebble bank (beach).”

The concerned resident is calling for speed cameras to be placed on West Bay Road and around the Esplanade in an attempt to tackle the issue.

He added: “Another incident I witnessed was at Morrisons car park in Bridport at around 9pm, one car must have been going about 60mph - it’s just dreadful.”

Bridport town councillor Dave Bolwell said car meets involving speeding vehicles is an ongoing issue in the area which ‘has to stop.’

He said: “I am very concerned about this issue, and I agree that it is dangerous and has to stop.

“It is not new as there have been many historical complaints of problems in the Station and West Bay Road car parks.

"I have asked both Dorset Council and our Police and Crime Commissioner what actions they propose to take, especially in light of this recent escalation.

“People need to understand there will be consequences when they behave this way and I call upon our police and Dorset Council to work together to get this message across and take proactive action.

"Car registrations of those involved are known by the police. We want action, not excuses.”

Local police officers say they ‘are aware’ of the issue and are encouraging members of the public to raise any information or concerns with them.

Neighbourhood Sergeant Mike Brown, of Bridport police, said: “We take the concerns of residents very seriously and recently held a multi-agency meeting with our partners to discuss anti-social driving in West Bay.

“Officers from the local neighbourhood policing team have visited the community to understand the full extent of what is being reported and we will continue to liaise with residents to provide support and gather intelligence.

“Anti-social behaviour related to vehicles is a priority for the area and we will be increasing our patrols to reduce this type of activity.

“As well as posing serious risks to road users, we recognise this kind of behaviour can have a significant impact on local residents and we will take positive action against anyone identified as committing an offence.

“We have a number of powers we can utilise to prevent anti-social behaviour from escalating such as the issuing of warning notices and seizure of vehicles.

“We will continue to work closely with partner agencies and take proportionate action to tackle the issue and ensure residents and visitors feel safe in the community.”

Bridport Town Clerk, Will Austin said: "We would encourage people to report any incidents to police, even if they cannot respond immediately, it does help to inform their patrolling.

"The town council will contact police to follow up on the incidents which have been raised."

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