THERE'S been a call for more affordable housing for locals after plans for a new housing development for older people near Bridport town centre were unveiled.

As reported, the multi-million pound scheme is earmarked for a site off South Street currently occupied by Hanson and J.C. Phillips and Son builders’ merchants.

Churchill Retirement Living is preparing a planning application for a proposed new 'independent living retirement development' which would consist of 50 apartments and 25 cottages. It would be for people over the age of 60 who want to carry on living independently.

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If approved, this would be another retirement development in the area after McCarthy Stone built its luxury 'retirement living' apartments, named Gordon Court, on the former Mountjoy School site in Flood Lane.

The News asked people on the streets of Bridport what they thought of the plans.

And for some residents living - or trying to live - in the town, this is another high-end retiree development while they struggle to find a home within their budget.

Sam Weller, 30, from Eype has two young children and is struggling to find an affordable home of his own.

He said: "I can't get one for love or money.

"Affordable housing would be better than a retirement place. I know the average age in Bridport is high but there needs to be affordable housing. The trouble is this is kind of a retirement area."

Brooke Huxter, 23, lives with her parents in Bridport and is currently searching for a home in the town.

She said: "The search is going awful. It is expensive. I would rather see more affordable housing in Bridport. I know a lot of my friends in the same situation are not able to find anywhere either."

Molly Young, 38, lives in Bridport at the moment, but now that she has a child she needs a bigger house but is unable to afford one in the town and is forced to look elsewhere.

She said: "There are very few places to rent or buy really. Affordable housing is definitely needed.

"I am all for housing for the elderly, but it should be more affordable as well."

Sham Duncan, 33, of Bridport, says housing options, particularly for single men are lacking, adding: "It is a good idea to have affordable living anywhere really but it is nice for there to be more retirement housing, it is a retiree area."

A retired resident, who did not wish to be named, said: "I think it is not so much affordable homes that are needed but affordable rentals.

"How many more affordable homes can you cram in here, I mean I am a pensioner but seriously."

Another resident said: "It is hard as an older person in this town to have the security of having somewhere to live. We need places as much as younger people do."