A NEW local group is calling for people to stand in this May’s elections for Dorset Council, town and parish councils.

Independents for Dorset (IFD) says it is looking for passionate and committed people who want to serve the community and work towards a better future for Dorset by prioritising the values and concerns that matter on the ground.

“IFD champion a value-based system, free from national politics and party whips that ensures decision reflect the local community’s unique needs and values. It is a successor party to the Alliance for Local Living (ALL for Dorset), which won several seats on the then new Dorset Council,” said a statement from the group.

Cllr Les Fry, Independents for Dorset (IFD) chair, said the party is a coalition of like-minded individuals who believe in integrity, openness, accountability, and honesty.

Mr Fry urged people interested in making a difference and enhancing their local community to come forward: “As independents we want to ensure that your voice is heard and that our decisions are guided by what’s best for you, not by political party agendas. By choosing an independent candidate, you’re endorsing a commitment to responsive, community-focused leadership, unburdened by the constraints of traditional party politics.”

Within the grouping is Independents for Portland who have been active in their local community for several months, gearing up to the 2024 local elections.

Said Portland councillor Rob Hughes: “As independent councillors we have tried over the past five years to represent the beating heart of our communities – whether that’s helping with food banks, Christmas lights during the pandemic or protecting marine life around our Jurassic coast. “It’s time to put party politics aside and think of Dorset.”

Les Fry can be contacted on 07871331426 for those interested in standing at the May elections or who could help display posters or with leafleting, or my emailing – info@dorset-independents.uk