TALKS are being held about potentially banning dogs from the Cobb at Lyme Regis, or at least parts of the historic structure.

The town’s fishing community have told Dorset Council they are concerned about the hygiene risks of having dogs in the area where they land their catches.

Lyme Regis harbour consultative group member Nick Marks told the Dorset Council harbours advisory committee: “The fishermen are strongly of the view that dogs should not be allowed where they are unloading their catch because of the risk from faeces and urine.”

Committee chairman Cllr Mark Roberts said the issue was already being looked at: “We have followed this up and are looking at the best possible way to resolve it… but it’s not resolved yet,” he said.

The meeting also heard of investigations going on into the stability of the seaward base of the structure close to the Cobb buildings, which is said to now be in a poor condition and may need remedial works.

Specialists have been instructed by the council to survey the area and report back with recommendations.

The meeting heard that repairs to the surface of the top wall following recent storms which had washed grouting out had been completed and the area was again open to the public.

Mr Marks also raised concerns about the public toilets near the Cobb Arms, about their condition and opening hours, both of which he said were inadequate and needed to be resolved.

The meeting was told that dredging operations had just finished in West Bay harbour and were considered successful with the dredging team now in Lyme Regis where they were expected to be working until mid-March.