THE sole objector to an application to sell alcohol from a West Bay kiosk opted not to make an appearance at the licensing meeting in Dorchester this week.

In a hearing lasting less than ten minutes the applicants, from the By the Bridge kiosk, said they had no intention of becoming a bar and would only sell the occasional drink to people buying fish and chips.

Last year the kiosk had sold just under 50,000 portions of the seaside delicacy.

Their plea was successful and the off sales licence has been granted.

Mr Andrew Bateman told the licensing panel that other kiosks already sold drinks, including the kiosk next door, all having operated for some time without complaints.

The sole objector, who was not named, had told the panel in an email that it was feared  more drink sales could put people at risk from accidents.

The views from By the Bridge had been put to the objector who decided to continue to oppose the licence application, but did not appear at the hearing.

“During the summer it is a nightmare navigating tourists wandering into the road. It is a mix of people unable to use common sense and often down to pure volume of people.. that they spill into the road. I feel if alcohol was thrown into this mix it could only exacerbate the problem. I have personally witnessed incidents only increase year by year. If 'By the Bridge' was in a different location in West Bay I wouldn't see a problem. However this is probably the most problematic spot you could find,” said the objection.

Mr Bateman and Kelly Busby had asked for an off sales licence between 10am and 11pm on every day of the week – a request which the panel also agreed.

Mr Bateman told the hearing that the area was probably safer now than it had ever been with Dorset Council having added bollards in the area to separate pedestrians and