A TRADESMAN has told of his distress after his van was broken into and all his tools worth £1,500 were stolen.

Tristan Hoole, a self-employed builder and tradesman, discovered that the back window of his trade van had been smashed in and power tools were taken.

He's one of several victims who have been targeted in a spate of vehicle break-ins across Bridport.

Vans were reportedly broken into on Vearse Close, Gale Crescent and in the East Street car park (below).

Power tools were stolen from all of these vans, Bridport Police said.
Bridport and Lyme Regis News: A van in east street car park was also broken intoA van in east street car park was also broken into (Image: Tom Lawrence)

It is understood that all of the vehicles broken into were owned by local independent traders.

Mr Hoole lives on Gale Crescent, where three trade vehicles were broken into, including his own van.

Mr Hoole said: "I woke up on Sunday morning and all of my tools were gone, all £1,500 worth of them.

"They left broken glass all over the road, all of my painting gear was left and a few boxes were chucked into the road.

"I'm glad I didn't hear them, they must have had a hammer or baseball bat to get into the car, if I had come out I could have been hurt.

"A person who lives in this area is an electrician, he had all of his things taken as well.

"They took my drills, batteries - they cost about £100 - a sander which was £750 when I bought it is now £850. All the little bits, they all add up.

"I have lived in this house for over 20 years and I have never been robbed.

"I felt like I was targeted but I have heard there was lots of other vans hit."

Bridport and Lyme Regis News: Broken glass was left on the road after Mr Hoole's van was broken intoBroken glass was left on the road after Mr Hoole's van was broken into (Image: Tom Lawrence)

Another resident on Gale Crescent, who did not want to be named, said: "A scaffolding van, an electrical van and a car, they smashed a window in on all of them.

"We don't normally have things like that happening here.

"It is people's livelihoods that they are wrecking and they don't care. It is selfish."

A spokesperson for Bridport Police said: "Two vehicles were parked in the East Street area and three others occurred in the Skilling area. All had power tools stolen.

"It is reported that between 4pm on Saturday, February 24, and 10.15am on Sunday, February 25, a van was broken into and power tools were stolen in East Street car park in Bridport. No arrests have been made."