People can now get a live view stretching from the Golden Cap to Lyme from absolutely anywhere.

Charmouth Heritage Coast Centre is now host to a live beach webcam which will enable people to view Charmouth beach in real time.

It says the camera is perfect for holiday makers who want to check out the beach conditions or how busy it is before they visit, as well as fossil hunters.

The view stretches from Stonebarrow and Golden Cap to Lyme Regis.

Ali Ferris, earth marine and environment manager at Charmouth Heritage Coast Centre, said: "There are now two beach cameras, one was put up about a year ago by the National Coastwatch Institute, which is so they can search for people in need of rescue.

"Campsites, surfers and various people had said they wanted a live webcam for the beach, it has been negotiated through the council, one of our trusteed took the ownership over trying to get it in place.

"The webcam is for holidaymakers so that they can look before visiting if they want to see what the beach looks like.

"Fossil hunters, surfers and hikers can use it to look at the tides and check on the conditions before coming down - It is all to try and make the beach more accessible."

The function of the camera is not for rescues and Ali added: "That is not the function of this camera because it is a live feed, so unless someone was monitoring 24/7 it would be quite hard to use it for that purpose, but the NCI have a camera more specifically for that purpose.

"That isn't to say they can't look through our camera but it is more for visitors who want to take a look."

The camera is positioned on the Charmouth Heritage Coast Centre and provides panoramic views of the Jurassic Coast.

To access the webcam, visit: