A composer from Bridport is excited to see his career come full circle with one of his works to be performed in north Dorset.

Matt Huxley, 31, works on music and sound for theatre, film, and TV, as well as running his own record label Circle Dance.

He has written a soundtrack for Max Calaf Seve’s circus show Anyday, which will be performed at Gillingham School next month as part of Dorset art charity Artsreach’s spring programme.

Matt shared his excitement that his work is returning to the countryside areas of Dorset due to his own great fondness for the rural area of Bridport where he was born.

“I’m proud to have grown up in Bridport despite living in London. I’ve maintained a strong link to Bridport and west Dorset. I’m excited to see that some people from the area have the chance to see what I think is a unique and interesting show."

Bridport and Lyme Regis News:

Matt found his initial inspiration due to Bridport's thriving artistic scene. 

"It’s a very arty town and there was lots of creativity around me. While growing up I had a great music teacher, so it was an obvious choice for me to pursue this career. I also got music lessons and played in orchestras run by the Dorset Music Service, which was operated by the council and administered by some really thoughtful and caring educators."

Matt believes the smaller nature of Artsreach's rural venues will help audiences appreciate theatrical works like Anyday more by feeling more immersed in the world. 

“I think it’s quite amazing Artreach are taking international work and bringing them to a rural setting.

“A lot of places can be quite magical and exciting as an audience member, especially in these unusual sorts of venues it can be very intimate, and you can see all this stuff up close and in a different way.

“Max’s show feels like it’s in its own strange world. It creates quite an unusual, unique atmosphere I’m sure it’ll be more immerse and engaging in one of the Artsreach venues.”

Matt's work has been heard on stage at London’s Young Vic, Roundhouse, Lyric Hammersmith, and Oxford Playhouse. He is also part of the band Strange Boy and will be releasing his debut album on March 1.

While his music career thrives, Matt feels very nostalgic towards his hometown and feels like this upcoming show is very much a "full circle" moment.

“I’m proud to have grown up in Bridport and had a great time there as a teenager and young person. I’d encourage people to get in their car and drive to North Dorset and have a watch of the show. It’s its own little thing and I’m happy to see that it’s going back to Dorset where it all started for me and continue to visit all the time.”

Anyday will be performed at Gillingham School on Thursday, March 21 at 7pm.

Tickets and further information are available online on the Artsreach website: www.artsreach.co.uk