A motorcyclist has praised the actions of a lorry driver after falling from his bike in treacherous weather conditions.

Alan Hill was travelling from Dorchester to Bridport on Wednesday, January 31, when he was thrown from his bike after slipping on mud, causing a road closure and clean up by National Highways.

He fractured four ribs and sustained soft tissues injuries to his hand and has described the moment he saw a lorry approach him as he laid in the road.

Bridport and Lyme Regis News: Mr Hill sustained soft tissue injuries to his hand as well as fracturing four ribsMr Hill sustained soft tissue injuries to his hand as well as fracturing four ribs (Image: Alan Hill)

Mr Hill, of Weymouth, said: "I had just come out of Winterbourne Abbas, and the conditions were very misty.

"I had slowed down to 35mph, and when I opened up, I was doing no more than 40mph, I hit the mud and I was down on the road.

"I was on my front and I was facing the way I had come. 

"I saw him coming and I thought 'oh my god'."

The actions that followed from Mr Hill and the lorry driver are what he believes helped save his life.

He added: "I rolled over until I was in the gutter. 

"His back wheels would have killed me if I hadn't done that. 

"He had to drive on the other side of the road and then used his lorry to block the road.

"He then came sprinting out and said 'are you okay', I said I was hurt but alright, he then said he would call an ambulance.

"He was very good at taking evasive action and his actions were very commendable - I thought he did good myself."

Bridport and Lyme Regis News: Mr Hill's damaged bike aftwer the crash Mr Hill's damaged bike aftwer the crash (Image: Alan Hill)

Mr Hill was also keen to point out the other road users who had come to his aid as he lay injured on the roadside. 

He continued: "They all stayed with me and one knelt down to keep my head still.

"They certainly had the presence of mind and knew what they were doing."

Mr Hill had been on his way to a meeting about motorbike safety as he is the secretary of the West Dorset Motorbike Action Group.

It is a riders' rights organisation that champions and promotes motorcycling in the UK and also looks out for the safety of bikers.

He wanted to stress the importance of wearing the correct protective clothing as this is what he says helped to prevent more serious injuries. 

"All the clothes I was wearing, full armoured, top quality stuff, helped minimise my injuries. 

"It all helped to keep my body together and kept me protected."