A LYME REGIS musician has today released his new song about finding out he has over 3,000 long-lost Italian relatives.

As previously reported, Bob Brooker recently discovered his great-grandfather was not who he thought he was and was an Italian man named Antonio Tocci.

Mr Tocci was an Italian organ grinder known as 'Mr Torch', who had lived opposite Bob's great-grandmother Annie.

A DNA test confirmed that Tocci was also Bob's great-grandfather and that Tocci fathered at least 13 other children in Victorian London.

Bob, 72, is now part of a very big Italian family – so he is releasing a record celebrating the Latin lover who had a secret romance with his grandmother.

The number of living descendants from those children, Bob’s new and highly-unexpected relations, now totals 3,136.

Bob said: “It appears that Great Granny Annie got a bit too close to Antonio’s organ grinding while my supposed Great Grandad Tom was away from home, serving in the Royal Marines in the 1890s.

“I was only looking just for fun and I was surprised to learn after 70 years that I am part-Italian."

He added: “If I was a novelist I’d have written a book about it, as it’s a great story, but as I’m a songwriter I wrote a song about it instead."

Bob is set to release the song, Me And Mr Torch, on Spotify to tell the tale of the organ grinder who was quite a little monkey.

Me and Mr Torch by Bob Brooker is released on Spotify and online stores on Friday, February 2.