A mother has praised the medical support team at Bridport Rugby Club for their swift action after her son’s accident during a match. 

Tracey Jovanovic from West Bay went to see her 18-year-old son Bert play in the Bridport Daggers and East Dorset Dockers rugby match.

During the match Bert fell and landed “awkwardly” on his neck, leaving him temporarily immobilised.

Tracey describes how the medical team flew into action and commends the “professional” and “calm” response.

“It was like a well-oiled machine. Everyone knew what they were supposed to be doing and made sure he didn’t move before the ambulance arrived.

“As a parent stood there, I felt pretty helpless, but I was reassured they knew what to do.

"Not only were they working so well together as a team to make sure he was safe, but they kept his sprits up. It is a testament to the investment the club makes in making sure everyone is safe and looked after.”

Bert has been playing for the junior team since he was eight and upon turning 18, was asked to play in the South West Division adults’ team for Bridport last year.

Tracey wishes to offer special thanks to Paul Conde and Johanna Leins, along with coaches Ross Duncan and Pete Dacey for providing treatment to Bert during the game.

She also thanked Katy Tozer, a visitor to the club who is also a trainee paramedic and George Hussey who waited on the roadside to direct the ambulance.

“The accident could have happened anywhere really. I felt reassured after the accident and was contacted by members of the team to see how Bert was doing.

"The President of the club Peter Brook rang a few days after to check if I was ok. We moved to the area ten years ago and the rugby club have played a huge part in helping us integrate into the Bridport community.”

After being transported to Dorset County Hospital following the incident on November 11, Bert had a scan of his neck and was given the all-clear.

The family are from West Bay and Bert continues to play for Bridport while also pursuing his interests in theatre. He is currently a performing arts student at Weymouth College and recently starring as Lurch in the Bridport Young Performers' production of The Addams Family in December last year.