The mother of a charity worker who was hospitalised after suffering rare blood clots said ‘the love in Bridport has been amazing’ after her son has woken up after sedation.

As reported, local man Liam Justice, 25, is being treated in Southampton Hospital after suffering from up to three blood clots in his main artery.

His mother, Ellison Justice, said the problem started from a headache in the morning before returning from work to find that ‘something was wrong.’

He was rushed to Dorset County Hospital on Saturday, December 30 after falling ill and was then transferred to Southampton.

Liam remained sedated from the final weekend of December - but awoke on Sunday, January 7 and has been able to move his left leg, talk and he recently started eating food again. Ellison said that Liam suffered a stroke and is still unable to move his left arm.

Bridport and Lyme Regis News: The two blood clots at the front of his head remain after keyhole surgery, however doctors have assured the family that they are small and not dangerous.

Ellison said: “He’s awake now and has been moved from critical care to the ICU neurological ward upstairs. It’s amazing - I’m so chuffed.”

Speaking about how Liam has reacted to waking up and missing the start of the year, Ellison said that initially Liam was shocked.

She said: “He’s taking it all in at the minute. He was shocked that he’s been out of it for 11 days and couldn’t believe it.

“Bless him though he’s still got his sense of humour as he said he knew he had a very long sleep,” she added.”

Liam is a charity worker at a Weldmar Hospicecare charity shop in Bridport. 

Bridport and Lyme Regis News:

Doctors have told the family that it could take up to six months to diagnose Liam as blood thinners have made results unattainable.

Ellison admits that she is ‘keeping her fingers crossed’ for Liam to be transported to Dorset County Hospital in Dorchester soon, but said: “If he’s better off in Southampton then that’s fine too.”

Thankful for the support from Liam’s best friend, Harvey Burton, Ellison could scarcely believe that more than £850 was raised on GoFundMe for the family’s travel cost since Liam was hospitalised.

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She said: “The love in Bridport has been amazing. People have been so kind, I’m still receiving texts which I’ve only just started writing back to.”

Ellison has been inspired by the staff at the hospital, and as a hairdresser is coming up with a creative way to raise money to repay the kindness.

She said: “Everyone has been so supportive, this place is amazing and he’s been looked after so well.

“It’s been in my mind to do something nice for them in the future and I’m considering shaving my hair off to raise money the hospital.”

To donate to the family’s GoFundMe visit: