Beaminster will be hosting a talk on the history of mental health illnesses.

On Tuesday, January 9, Beaminster Museum will be welcoming visitors for its fifth Winter Talk, ‘Lunatics, Imbeciles and Idiots’.

Through the stories of local people and some of Dorset’s institutions, Pauline Thorne, will be exploring the changing attitudes to mental health in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

It will look at what medical professionals at the time thought about the root causes of insanity, and how the treatment of mental illness evolved during the period.

The talk will take place at Beaminster Museum, Whitcombe Road, Beaminster DT8 3NB at 2pm. Entry is £5 on the door.

There are two more talks planned for February, including one about the Californian gold rush and another looking at archaeological finds from Dorset.