A west Dorset country estate's rewilding project has been named one of the most stunning to visit in the UK.

Mapperton Estate, near Beaminster, is the third most beautiful wildlife project to visit according to a study based on Trip Advisor comments.

Reviews containing the words 'beautiful', 'amazing' or 'stunning' were contained in just over half of the comments made by visitors to the estate.

Viscount Hinchingbrooke, Luke Montagu, of Mapperton Estate said: “Mapperton Wildlands are delighted to be recognised as the third most stunning rewilding project in Britain.

“Of course we think we should be first - and when you see the magnificent White Park cattle and Exmoor ponies living free among ancient combes and tussocky grasslands full of glorious wildflowers - we are sure you will agree.”

Bridport and Lyme Regis News:

The Mapperton Wildlands spans more than 800 acres of marginal farmland and woodland with the aim of delivering significant benefits for biodiversity, the environment and food production.

Rewilding projects are important for the environmental health of the planet, provide vital habitats for threatened species and offer people with areas of nature beauty to visit.

Dr Sam Rose of West Dorset Rewilding said: “Mapperton is a pioneering project for west Dorset, leading by example in allowing nature to return to marginal former agricultural lands. 

“The location is stunning, and the mixed mosaic of wood pasture, wet woodland, species-rich grasslands and scrub regeneration, all helped by small numbers of White Park cattle, Tamworth Pigs and Exmoor Ponies, makes for a very special place for nature. 

“It is a great example of 'natural process led ecosystem restoration', more commonly known as wilding or rewilding.”

Bridport and Lyme Regis News:

Mapperton is also an anchor estate for the Brit Catchment Recovery Project, developed by West Dorset Wilding and was recently shortlisted by the government as one of 34 'Landscape Recovery' projects around England for a grant to start working to restore nature at scale. 

The project has identified 53 farmers willing to restore nature on nearly 8,000 acres across the wider brit catchment through the creation of wetlands, wood pasture, high quality grassland, scrub creation, and regenerative and organic farming, and plans to start work in April. 

Mapperton Wildlands also opens again for guided tours and safaris in April 2024.

The full results from the study by Utility Bidder can be found here: www.utilitybidder.co.uk/compare-business-energy/rewilding-regions/