SO IT’S come as a surprise to those that fix the prices but not to the general public, that a decline in visitor numbers meant less income from parking.

If I was a tourist coming on holiday to our wonderful county and was met with parking costs as high as they are, I would never return.

A daily charge at West Bay or Weymouth is just out of reach of “stay at home families.” It would also upset me to read how winter prices are around half what the summer one’s are. It’s like saying if you come here, we’re going to fleece you. I stood during the summer and heard tourists incredulous at the high charges.

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My wife and I live close to the coast and many times during the week walk our dogs and have a beverage and food in these resorts.

However, we reduced these trips because of the charges in the summer, so local businesses lost our expenditure. If you want to increase tourists visiting you should do what supermarkets do and reduce your charges. You say you do not make a profit, then lower the costs and reduce the staffing and overheads.

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How many times have the machines been changed at huge costs to then pass this cost on to the very people who you are trying to encourage.

Recently Marks & Spencer’s announced that after many years the high street store was going to close. Where are they going to? An area where the council does not charge for parking! If that does not make it clear as to where the problems are, what does?

Michael Casban