An extra festive Parkrun has been added to the calendar this year in Bridport.

St Mary’s Parkrun at St Mary’s field, home of Bridport Football Club in Skilling, will be doing an additional run for Christmas Day this year, from 9am.

Parkrun operates every Saturday of the year at 9am and is part of a movement of Parkruns around the UK and world that host 5km community events.

It is a completely free event, run entirely by volunteers, and is a timed run rather than a race, so there are no winners or losers.

Every week there is also a post Parkrun coffee in the Rockburn Bouldering Centre on Priory Lane, although there won’t be a coffee afterwards organisers are encouraging mince pies and festive attire.

A spokesperson for Bridport Parkrun said: “You can walk, run or even hop it if you like, and you will never be in last place because we have a tail walker. 

“Bridport’s Parkrun has a reputation as being one of the friendliest in the country and all participants are well supported by the marshals.

“It is also a lovely social occasion and a great way to start your Saturday, or in this case, maybe Christmas Day.

“Mince pies and Santa hats/outfits are optional.” 

“You can find out more by searching online for ‘Bridport parkrun’ and if you are new, please register for free with to get a personal barcode so that we can give you your time and position.  See you on Christmas Day at 8.50am.”