ROMEO and Juliet still has an unhappy ending but Year 5 and 6 pupils from Bridport St Catherine's School have written in a few laughs along the way in their version.

Co-director teacher Joanne Foster said the children really enjoyed writing their version of the classic Shakespeare love story, especially the humorous additions.

The children have spent the term writing the script and yesterday they had the dress rehearsal test run before performances for parents and friends today and tomorrow.

Miss Foster said: "They really took to it and really enjoyed writing the humorous bits and I think it is good for their performance. They enjoyed performing it because they wrote it. They wrote individual scenes in small groups and then they auditioned for the parts."

The older children at the school study Shakespeare but this is the first of the annual summer shows that have featured the bard's work.

In previous years the children have tackled Cinderella, Robin Hood, Oliver Twist and Dance through the Decades.

"The children don't write the script every year, it just depends on the teacher. This year we have some good writers who have been able to work well together," added Miss Foster.