A Lyme Regis town centre road closure which has caused chaos is still in place in the crucial Christmas trading period - as talks on repairs to a building continue.

The bottom of Broad Street has been closed for more than a month now and very little work appears to have been done to the Bell Cliff building which partially collapsed in early November and has caused the closure of Lyme Regis' main road for safety reasons and because scaffolding is in place.

While discussions are ongoing there are hopes the road closure could be lifted in part soon.

A second road closure notice was issued by Dorset Council on November 29 and the 21 day notice period is set to run out next week.

Traders have expressed concern about fewer people visiting Lyme due to the closure and the diversion signs which they claim are putting people off.

Discussions have been on going between Lyme Regis Town Council, Dorset Council, builders and the owner of the building.

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Builders have been on site to gather quotes needed from the listed building’s owner to send to insurers before any work can be carried out.

A Lyme Regis Town Council statement said: “The owner’s insurance company requires two quotes for the works. He has met with one builder to assess the work required and is meeting with a second builder.

“At this point in time, the plan is to undertake temporary repairs to make the building safe and waterproof."

Bridport and Lyme Regis News: the road has been closed since November 8 the road has been closed since November 8 (Image: Bob Speer)

The News has since confirmed that the second quote has been obtained and that representatives from local authorities were given the impression that the road could be reopened this week by the owner.

Cllr Belinda Bawden said: "The town council had a meeting with the owner and he was optimistic that it could reopen this week.

“His thoughts were that the immediate repairs to make the building safe and waterproof could be done quickly to the extent the road can be reopened.”

Despite the optimism that the road could reopen in some form, the road remains closed until further notice.

The likely way in which the road will reopen is with a single lane reopening with temporary traffic lights put in place after immediate repairs secure the site, allowing for some scaffolding to be withdrawn, according to Cllr Bawden.

She also added that the full repairs would need to be done when the weather is warmer and would likely not be until later next year.

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Road closures signs positioned out of town have also been an issue for local businesses but Cllr Bawden has been proactive in talking to Dorset Council about finding a solution.

“I’ve been asking for more signs. 

“Lots of people are going to Sidmouth and are put off at the Charmouth roundabout.

“We have been trying to promote, that despite the road being closed, the car parks and shops are still open.

“The shops do think that the road closed as far as they are concerned has affected business.”

Out of the all the chaos caused by the road closure, the town council is trying to bring at least one positive to the table by creating a new trading association.

Bridport and Lyme Regis News: Temporary traffic lights could be used when the road does reopen with temporary work enabling the scaffolding to be scaled backTemporary traffic lights could be used when the road does reopen with temporary work enabling the scaffolding to be scaled back (Image: Bob Speer)

Cllr Bawden added: “We are meeting with businesses next Monday at 5.30pm at the Guildhall and have invited Dorset Council along too.

“It is for businesses to feel listened to and to try and to set up a trade association.

“Its been a while since there was a unified business voice.

“The aim is for it to be a helpful and stronger voice and businesses to work together more.”

A spokesperson for Dorset Council said: "We’ll remove the road closure when the business owner has completed repairs, and the area is deemed safe to reopen."

The News has been trying to contact the business owner but has yet to hear back.