CARS trying to speed through floodwater on the A35 led one resident to take matters into his own hands to keep his property dry.

Philip Rudge, 75, lives on East Road, opposite the Esso petrol station with his wife Christine, 74.

Philip and Christine live in an old mill and their property sits lower than the road, with a step down into the house from the road.

Bridport and Lyme Regis News: The property is lower than the road outside, making it more susceptible to floodingThe property is lower than the road outside, making it more susceptible to flooding (Image: Tom Lawrence)

During the flooding on Monday, water began gushing into their home through the door as cars attempted to speed through the floodwater which was rising on the road outside their house.

The vehicles created huge waves crashing into their door.

To try and slow drivers down, Philip parked his car "awkwardly", forcing drivers to manoeuvre around his vehicle.

If they didn't slow down, he would then walk in front of the cars.

Philip said: "This is probably the only house in the whole area where you step down into it, most properties you step up.

"This property is liable to be worse than anywhere else.

Christine added: "Water did come in, it wasn't too much thankfully."

For Philip, one of the biggest issues around flooding is cars attempting to speed through floodwater.

Bridport and Lyme Regis News: East Road was submerged in floods on MondayEast Road was submerged in floods on Monday (Image: Graham Hunt Photography)

He said: "I was out at the dentist, I came back and I parked my car in the road really awkwardly so that everyone had to slow down or stop.

"When the cars see the flooding they put their foot down and it causes a wave; the water is coming up several feet high onto our windows and the door is getting so drenched that water is coming in.

"If cars still drive fast I get my reflective coat on and walk out in front of it and tell them to slow down.

Philip added: "I think they could do something to make it better, the pipework and drainage need to be made better to make sure the drains don't get blocked."