Students at a school in west Dorset have created a Christmas card to raise money for a charity supporting homeless people’s pets.

Pupils at the Sir John Colfox Academy in Bridport have created the card to benefit Street Vet, which helps homeless people care for their pets.

The class, aged between 11 and 12 are currently in Year 7, and decided to try and raise £100.

They coined the idea after reading Mr Stink by David Walliams, a story about a homeless man who loves his dog, Duchess.

Mr Stink and Duchess are featured on the card, designed by students, and is on sale at the school’s reception for £1.

All the money raised from the card will go to the charity.

Freya, 11, said: “I love my pets and I really like Street Vet because they help people out when they need it. Homeless people love their pets too, they are their world and Street Vet are there for them.”

William, 11, said: “When we read Mr Stink we realised how hard it is for homeless people and their dogs. I have two dogs and I think Street Vet is a great charity. Homeless people love their dogs, they are probably loved more than some dogs alone in a house.”  

Daisy, 12, said: “We want to raise money for Street Vet because they help the dogs that may not otherwise get regular check-ups. It is an amazing offer of kindness towards those who cannot afford help. I think it is important that all dogs should get vet treatment, they do amazing work.”

Lucy, 11, said: “Reading Mr Stink made us think about homeless people and their pets. I think that what Street Vet do is excellent, because they help pets that live on the street and their owners.”

Natalie Burden, Head of Year 7, said: “I am very proud of our students for trying to help others less fortunate, and for demonstrating such a sensitive response to the book, Mr Stink.

“The love of reading is greatly valued at Colfox and all of Year Seven have time dedicated to it in their timetables.  We also value and encourage creativity and I am delighted we have been able to let our students run with this idea – please buy their Christmas card, all money given will go to Street Vet.” 

Street Vet is a registered charity dedicated to providing free vet care to help homeless people care for their pets. They provide vet care, vaccinations, advice and support across the UK. More information is available here: