STUNNING outfits and equally eye-catching transport made a feast for the eyes at Bridport's Sir John Colfox School Year 11 Prom.

The school said Friday's event was even better attended and more extravagant than in previous years.

It provided the final opportunity for the Year 11s to celebrate five years of education together.

A cavalcade of vehicles brought partygoers to the school, providing an entertaining sight for proud relatives, teachers and friends.

One large group arrived in a stretch Hummer, others in stretch limos, one in a tractor and another in an articulated lorry.

The night was the perfect chance to show off in shiny sports cars, with three young men turning up in a trio of Lotus cars - one red, one silver and one yellow - one girl in a Noble and another in an MG.

A more sedate form of transport was the choice of Sammy Mowatt, who arrived in a horse drawn carriage, driven by her friend, Nelly George.

Three others came in a vintage Rolls Royce and two in a Cadillac.

There were some very witty customisations of vehicles, with six lads sitting at a picnic table, complete with parasol, on the back of a pick-up truck.

Another group arrived in comfort, on a sofa in a towed trailer.

One driver really impressed the crowd, dressed as Elvis and revving his car around the school drive.

Head teacher Kay Taylor said: "The students looked so mature and grown up.

"I remember them as small, rather scared Year Sevens. It is a privilege to have watched them grow up and develop into such good people and outstanding citizens.

"We are extremely proud of them."

A group of students organised the evening, which included a buffet, a band - The Vinyl Monkeys - and a disco.

Head of House Sue Andrews said: "The Prom committee worked really hard to organise this and I would like to thank them for all they did in decorating the hall and in making it such a good event."