Health workers and council workers will be holding a vigil in Dorchester for the people of Gaza tomorrow.

It will take place at midday outside Dorset County Hospital on Wednesday, November 29 - the United Nations International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People.

The protest has been organised in response to the death of more than 200 medical staff in Gaza.

Rob Ferguson, spokesperson from the Palestine Solidarity Campaign in Dorset, said: “Doctors, nurses and other medical staff have shown great bravery in continuing to work under bombardment.

"Our own health workers have participated in many demonstrations of support and now we meet at our own hospital to protest the bombardment and call for a permanent ceasefire.”

The Northern Gaza health authority also reports that hospitals are “completely out of service” with 25 out of 36 hospitals having ceased functioning.

Human Rights Watch, an independent organisation that monitors human rights worldwide, said: “The Israeli military’s repeated, apparently unlawful attacks on medical facilities, personnel, and transport are further destroying Gaza’s healthcare system and should be investigated as war crimes.”

Similar Pro-Palestine rallies have been occurring across Dorset, the most recent of which occurred earlier this week with students at the Thomas Hardye School in Dorchester staging a walkout in support of a ceasefire in Gaza.

A further protest is due to take place in the Cornhill area at midday on Saturday December 2 at The Town Pump, Cornhill.

Mr Ferguson said: “Our students held a fine march in support of Gaza in Dorchester last week, with participation from several schools.

"Now we call on all those appalled by the bombardment and destruction to join us in saying that the ‘pause’ in hostilities must become permanent.

“We want a clear message to our political leaders here in Britain to oppose Israel’s assault on millions of vulnerable people.

"The overwhelmingly majority of victims are civilians. This slaughter must end.”