A WEST Dorset mushroom business has been given planning consent.

Dorset Council has agreed the change of use for buildings at Holly Cottage close to Hillside Farm at Seaborough, something which has taken place since last year.

A planning agent told the council that the applicant, Mr T Harrington, started growing mushrooms as a hobby using existing buildings but now sells a small quantity in the local area which technically amounts to a change of use, needing planning consent.

Several buildings, including a garage, are now being used for growing and storing mushrooms on the site, according to the agent.

Broadwindsor Group Parish Council said it consulted on this application and raised no objections after councillors carried out a site visit.

Said the council: “A letter of support has been received from a neighbouring property. Comments were made by one neighbour regarding noise levels from a generator being on all day, this was not evident during the site visit.”

Part of the planning conditions includes having to erect an acoustic screen around the heat exchange unit serving the mushroom growing room and no retail sales from the site.