QUICK-THINKING lorry drivers lent a hand after cows obstructed a major road in Bridport twice in one morning.

The drivers used their vehicles to form a barricade after cows blocked the A35 East Road Bridport upon escaping from their field for a second time.

Police were called at 2.20am on Wednesday after it was reported that the cows had come through a hole in a fence and were obstructing the A35.

The road was temporarily blocked by officers whilst they herded the animals safely back into a field.

It was reopened nearly two hours later at around 4am.

A spokesperson for Dorset Police said: "At 2.20am on Wednesday, November 15, Dorset Police received a report of cows causing an obstruction in East Road, Bridport.

"Officers were in attendance. Officers temporarily blocked the road to ensure the cows were herded safely into a field.

"The roadblock was lifted at around 4am."

However, at around 5.45am, the cows were on the road again and a pair of resourceful lorry drivers stepped in to help.

The two lorry drivers parked their vehicles to close the A35 in both directions whilst five cows were herded back through a hole in the fence.

Kazzi Alderson-Rees said she was coming back from walking her dogs when she saw two lorries blocking the road.

She said: "I crossed A35 at Lee Lane and drove down Howard Road when I saw the two lorries blocking the road.

"I parked up and asked if there was anything I could do to help.

"I hadn't seen cows at that point. One driver was trying to open space enough to get them in.

"I took up a place to stop them going up the bank and little lane on opposite side of the road.

"The two lorry drivers were magnificent, they were the heroes of the hour.

"They did a calm, gentle pincer movement and the cows ambled gently through the hedge.

"The drivers secured the hedge as best they could.

"The lorry drivers got on their way and I texted farmers I knew to let them know, or at least, get the word out.

The obstruction came within two hours of the police leaving the area.

Kazzi added: "We made a makeshift barrier but not long-term safe.

"Once the madams have found a weak spot, they'll keep using it. I think cows are really smart."

A police spokesperson added: "At 6.03am, Dorset Police received a further report of cows obstructing the A35 in Bridport.

"It is reported that motorists pulled over to try and direct the cows back into the fields.

"Officers attended and found that the cows were no longer blocking the road and the route was clear."